largebassBELGRADE, MAINE-A vacationing Texan boated what is likely the largest bass he will ever catch while fishing on Great Pond in Belgrade, Maine. Scott Rutherford, 49, was fishing with his father, Robert when he caught the gigantic largemouth bass. "I am really flabbergasted" quipped the stately Rutherford "to think that there are fish this large swimming around is just amazing!"

Rutherford related that he was fishing  the hydrilla along a stretch of shore in Great Pond's Pinkham Cove when he noticed several sunfish scatter. Thinking there may be a bass around, he quickly pitched his Texas Rigged (what else?) ten inch white plastic worm to the area he assumed the fish had fled from and was greeted with the site of the bass engulfing the lure almost before it hit the water! "The fight was amazing" Rutherford said "I knew this bass was big and was guessing I had hooked into some sort of state or even world record". When the battle (which reportedly lasted close to 2 hours and fifteen minutes) was over, the fish topped out at an amazing 6.1 lbs- shattering his previous record of 2.87 lbs. "This is the biggest fish I've caught... in Maine" he said "Yaaa....I HAVE caught Texas...yaaaa, Texas...everything is bigger in Texas" Rutherford offered.

So what is this successful angler going to do with the rest of his vacation? "Well, I'm going on a whale watch this weekend, then to LLBean- and then after that IT IS ALL YARD SALING BABY!"

We wish Scott well in his angling endeavors, and hope he can fit all of his yard sale booty safely into the overhead compartment on his way home.