BassoFrom time-to-time I open up the old mail bag and answer some of the questions that have been piling up. Here is the latest installment of “Ask M.C.Bass” 

  "What’s up with your hair?" -Jay Rutherford, Summit County, Colorado. 

-Long story, thanks for asking…My hair has been like this since I was born. It USED to be bright red, but I have it dyed regularly. I’ve used many different colors, but have settled on the brown you see in most of my pictures…it just feels like me. I am, you see, a direct descendant of the most famous television clown ever. I won’t mention his name because I’m here to make it on my own steam. I think nepotism is a most offensive act. This wasn't always my opinion, however. I started out with my own show in a small western television market. “Basso the Clown” aired from 1991-1992 on MBDC-87-a public access station out of Yuma, Arizona. The show’s theme was a bass fishing one, so I’m still not sure why it didn’t do well. My manager told me I was going into national syndication but it didn’t work out somehow. “There is nothing funny about Bass Fishing” people will say to me. “Have you ever seen Skeet Reese?” is my usual retort. 

"How do you juggle family, fishing and work around the house? I mean, doesn't it bother you that your lawn is always 3″ taller than the neighbor’s and you are just NOW finishing up last fall’s raking?"- Anonymous (Maine IP Addressed was logged) 

-No, this really doesn’t bother me as much as it does SOME people. I’m an angler, not Tim the Fool-man Taylor. Some people actually delight in building things, mowing and trimming things, painting stuff and drilling holes.That’s cool. You’ll never catch me telling them that it is wrong, or that they are lazy, good-for-nothing so and so’s who don’t spend enough time on the lake and are ignoring their manly Mainley bass angling duties. So what if their lawn is meticulous, their boat has WEEDS growing out of it! Honey, I’m going to have an after work session tonight…save me some dinner… 

"Why don’t you do better in Bass Tournaments?" -Mark Seitz, Middleton, New Jersey 

-Well Mark, it is like this. Bass tournaments really boil down to luck. At least 99.99% of anyone’s success in any given bass tournament is luck. It is like golf in that respect I guess...Or Poker. If 75 teams that can fish show up, they would all do about the same if only skill were to come into play. As we know, things don’t always work out that way. Some people get lucky. They may accidentally tie on the lure that a huge fish wants to eat or they could throw their bait into the exact spot where a monster is laying. They may have been lucky enough to remember to set their alarm clock or charge their batteries. They could be benefiting from the fact the partner they choose to fish with has YEARS of tournament angling experience. Mostly they are just lucky people in general. Lucky enough to get to go out and prefish and lucky enough to be blessed with a mind that more easily facilitates the act of learning how to catch bass in pressure situations.  

Well folks, that’s all the time we have for today. We’ll revisit the mailbag regularly. If you have a question for M.C.Bass, please send it to:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.